3 Must Consider Features that You Shouldn’t Overlook when Hiring a Customs Import Broker

 3 Must Consider Features that You Shouldn’t Overlook when Hiring a Customs Import Broker

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Every importer – resident as well as non-resident – has to follow the Canadian customs import laws in order to get their goods cleared. But, there could be various reasons that imported goods are rejected or held at customs, but, the most common mistake that triggers such a response is an incompetent import broker. In fact, sometimes, people end up trying to abide by customs laws and procedures on their own. Both the cases – an incompetent customs broker or none at all – lead to a delay, even possible rejection of imported goods. So, if you’re an importer, then this guide about how to hire a good customs broker is just what you need. So, have a look! 

Features that Make Customs Clearance Firms Trustworthy 

It’s quite stressful to get the imported goods cleared at customs. On top of it, it’s even more essential that the firm you pick is reputable and trustworthy. And, it’s the following features that you should look for when hiring a customs broker. 

  1. They Should be Readily Available

Customs broker firms like Clearit Canada have an easily available policy to make things simple for you. As soon as you sign-up with them, you’re assigned a personal Clearit customs broker who, then, handles your shipment. The best thing about this firm is that it can help you whether your shipment is arriving by:

  • Air
  • Sea
  • Truck
  1. They Should offer Multiple Services

Out of the many services, we’d like to make a mention of the 5 most unique services that only elite firms like Clearit offer. Have a look!

  1. ITN generation for car import at just 125 dollars. 
  2. Handling the entire transit (starting from the time the automobile has to be exported until it’s delivered) at just 389.99 dollars. 
  3. NRI services for non-resident importers who want to establish their brands in Canada without being a citizen/resident.
  4. Services for importers who want to sell their products via amazon. 
  5. Handling the logistics and customs consulting services. 


  1. The Payment Terms Should be Clear 

Clearit Canada is one of the very few customs clearance companies that mentions their charges for different services openly on their website. They have no hidden terms and conditions. And that’s because they’re there to help you, not con you. They offer their services at the best industry rates. So, they have nothing to hide. 

All in all, a reputable company will never con you into hiring them. You can also check out the Clearit Canada Website to find out more about the company.

Jenny Louria