Computer Monitoring Systems: The New Way to increase Employee Productivity and complete projects

 Computer Monitoring Systems: The New Way to increase Employee Productivity and complete projects

Computers have changed the workplace beyond recognition. Most companies have switched to storing critical data in computer systems and networks and use them for workplace communication. However, it will be naïve to assume that computers have made business easy. With new technology comes new problems- computers pose security issues that could threaten the entire business integrity and operations. Therefore, having a computer monitoring system is crucial for monitoring computer networks and, most importantly, tracking employees’ activities.

Reasons to have Computer Monitoring Systems

Having a computer monitoring system is a tremendous productivity and security boost for companies. The need to track employee activity has become more important than ever because studies have shown that employees spend around 30% of their screen time on non-work-related activities. A computer monitoring system allows managers to track the screen activity across employees, departments or even the entire company. The system compels employees to use their office time more efficiently. It also allows managers to immediately follow up with an employee if he is flouting rules. Immediate intervention by managers has shown to improve the efficiency of employees rather than keeping quiet about them.

The system allows companies to track the activities of those employees whom the company’s security department has flagged as a potential breach or threat. Companies can detect employee fraud and take actions against insider breaches, saving the company’s reputation before the threat goes out of hand. The system also allows managers to track the clicks and websites an employee visits and access a real-time violations histogram of employees.

Components of Computer Monitoring Systems

A computer monitoring system has a video grabber connected to every employee’s computer. It sends their computer activity to a server. The concerned officer can monitor the activities of the employees with the staff viewing program across multiple connected servers.

Remote monitoring systems come with quad splitter settings like those found in CCTV systems. It allows employers to track the computer activities of employees and focus more on the activities of particular employees who are of concern. The system indicates different activities of employees with changes in their desktop on the employer’s grid display: red frame if they are engaged in private activities, green frame if the employee is doing his assignments and a timer around inactive screens showing the time the screen has been idle.

Considerations while purchasing Computer Monitoring Systems

Before buying a computer monitoring system, companies should research on the different products and their prices. They should not let go of a good product because of its high price; it is better to invest in security than recouping lost reputation. Most importantly, the employees have to be informed about the system. Companies should not remotely monitor employees without telling them the usage, functioning and benefits of the system. The employees should also be informed about their rights surrounding workplace monitoring.

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