How AI can be used effectively in sales

 How AI can be used effectively in sales

AI dialog tools are already being used by many companies. And the main purpose of this application of robotic intelligent systems is to improve data processing, speed up order processing, and perform routine tasks. However, the use of machine intelligence is not limited to these functions. Experts believe that soon, robotic systems will replace even more simple actions that are currently performed by humans. More details about what processes will be transferred to the control of machines, told the experts, whose views can be read at the link We look at the functions and solutions where machine intelligence is already successfully replacing the work of consultants and operators. Dialogic artificial intelligence in sales serves customers and takes over many functions that do not require creativity, thinking and skills.


Many companies use chatbots with artificial intelligence controls. They efficiently help website visitors and answer the most frequently asked questions, saving company representatives from having to do routine work.

As a rule, users’ questions boil down to the same query, which can be generalized and reduced to typical answers. Based on such questions and answers, it is possible to develop an interaction algorithm. In addition, chatbots can direct visitors to relevant published content. This improves engagement by bringing consumers together, creating a comfortable environment.

Voice assistants

If a company optimizes a website for voice search, conversational artificial intelligence is very beneficial and convenient for sales and marketing. It can include voice assistants that are interactive and used to interact with the customer at a very high level, demonstrating productivity and the ability to develop engagement:

  • Alexa – Amazon;
  • Siri – Apple;
  • Google Assistant.

These voice assistants, which help create a circle of leads, can also offer sales. They pick up keywords relevant to a company, a specific product or service. Voice assistant technology is also useful for reminding customers and finding contacts quickly.

Artificial intelligence helps in customer service and in building interactions with customers at any time of the day. The efficiency of such a system, in addition to the speed of data processing, is also in this – activity 24/7 and all 365 days a year.

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Wendy P. Gilbert