How to increase your workplace physical security

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First of all, why is workplace security so important? For any business, physical security is necessary for two main reasons. The first is for employees to feel safe as they work. They shouldn’t have to worry about wrongdoers finding their way into the building at all costs. The other reason is to protect the business itself. Should a fire break out or robbers make way with equipment, it would be a huge loss for the business owner.

So, how do you increase your workplace’s physical security? A simple but general answer is to have the right security measures in place. That way you can avoid the risk of financial loss and staff getting hurt.

Here are more detailed ways on how to increase your workplace physical security

·      Install cameras, CCTV, and Monitoring

CCTV, which stands for Closed Circuit Television is used for security purposes. It may not be able to stop robberies or burglaries but it will prevent criminal activity from happening. So, does this monitoring system work? First of all, it’s a video recording device that captures footage of your workplace which you can view on phone, tablet, or smartphone. This technology, therefore, allows business owners to keep an eye on not just workplace activities but intruders as well.

A study conducted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte showed that security cameras were the most effective deterrents to break-ins with 50% revealing they could abandon their attempts upon seeing a camera.

Also, in case burglars manage to break in and vandalize company property, having video evidence that it happened can help expedite insurance claims. Today, several police companies are partnering with security companies. So, with recent applications such as Ring, you can send them the footage within minutes.

·      Put physical security procedures for employees

As a rule, put in place physical security procedures that all employees must follow. Caution them against opening doors to anyone that comes in especially for workplaces that aren’t offices/businesses. The only who should be allowed in our team members. Employees should be the only ones that have access keys to inside offices probably with the use of a special card. Measures such as these ensure that intruders don’t find their way to your office.

For visitors, they have to schedule an appointment and wait in the lobby or lounge area upon arrival.

·      Train them

Training employees goes hand in hand with putting up security procedures for employees. Everyone needs to be trained on how to ensure the workplace. Offer workers training and coaching so that they can learn about situational awareness and be more aware of potential threats around them. Correspondingly, the pieces of training should be tailored according to business types i.e. people working in banks need to know what to do in case of a robbery. Should they contact the police, or simply hand over the money? What should an employee do when they notice suspicious activity?

Having well-trained staff that can defend themselves does not only keep your data safe but it boosts employee productivity and motivates them to work.

·      Create an emergency plan

Creating an emergency kit allows you to prepare for disaster in case it happens. That way you won’t lose everything. With a plan, even if a disaster strikes, your business can survive and easily bounce back. The first step here is to prevent it from happening first. Put in place fire alarms; establish an evacuation plan where employees can exit in case of a fire. In addition have an updated list of emergency contact numbers such as fire hospital, police, and ambulance.

Make sure to protect vital business records by keeping them in a safe that has been tested as resistant to fire, heat, and burglary tools. Other than this, backup copies of critical data. Copies can be kept in a location separate from your workplace.

·      Have an inventory of devices

Several businesses use mobile devices to carry out transactions. They are convenient and simple to use. These devices, however, can easily be breached or hacked into. This happens mostly to devices such as stolen smartphones, laptops, and tablets. The safest procedure here is to have a documented inventory of all devices the business owns and make sure you know where they are located. Also, it pays off to put someone in charge of inventory so they can keep track of all of them.

Taking inventory of all devices helps identify who stole the devices and helps you track which one exactly was stolen.

·      Outsourcing security guards

Outsourcing to a facilities management company that offers security is an effective practice that reduces costs, increases efficiencies, reduces internal workload while mitigating risks because the business is choosing to outsource some or all of their facilities management requirements.

Hiring security guards from these companies have a lot of benefits with the main one being that they provide a sense of security not just for the business, but for customers as well. Employees perform better in a safe environment and even work longer with you.

Security guards help prevent crimes by protecting your facility against vandalism and thefts. Along with this, they can deal with security issues more efficiently. They are the first defense against any crime occurring at the workplace.

Final words

Businesses and employees go hand in hand and as a business owner, the safety of your business and employees must come first. Without a business, there cannot be employees and vice versa. That’s why it’s important to increase your workplace physical security so that employees feel protected and as a result work even harder for the growth of the business.

Also, you should know that the more layers of protection you put up, the harder it gets for criminals and intruders to penetrate your premises.

Keep in mind that businesses that have strong physical security features often have the most satisfied customers and employees. So, make use of these security measures and you won’t have to worry about setbacks that come when you don’t prepare.

Ian A. Blocker

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