What To Know About Applying For A Singapore Permanent Resident Application?

  If you are thinking of acquiring a Singapore permanent resident application, there are certain documents you need to compile for higher chances of approval. Wanting to apply for PR in Singapore through online application is crucial, so you must prepare yourself and the documents as requirements.

What To Know About Applying For A Singapore Permanent Resident Application?


1. Determine Your Eligibility for the Online PR Application

Make sure you comply with the programme’s standards before you can apply for your PR in Singapore online. The Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS) scheme, the Foreign Artistic Talent (ForArts) scheme, the Family, Foreign Student scheme, and the Global Investor Program are the five programmes you can take into consideration (GIP). Verify that you meet all of the conditions on the list before moving forward.

2. Proper Documentation For The Application Is Crucial!

Singapore permanent resident application requires the provision of proper documentation. A missing document can result in an incomplete submission, which will cause the rejection of your PR application. Additionally, you must organise all of your required paperwork before moving forward since you only have seven days from starting your online PR application until it is submitted. To assist you in getting started on your Singapore online PR application, you should prepare the documents you’ll need to increase your acceptance chances. A good approach would be to establish a checklist.

3. The Immigration And Checkpoints Authority Or Ica Evaluates An Applicant’s Capacity To Contribute To Singapore

They integrate into the society and their commitment to establishing roots in Singapore by considering factors like the applicant’s family ties to Singaporeans, economic contributions, qualifications, age, family profile, and length of residency. You can seek the assistance of a PR application agency in Singapore.

4. A Foreign National Who Has Been Awarded Permanent Residence Status And Is, Therefore, Able To Live Permanently In Singapore Is Referred To As A Pr

The PRs 15 years old and older (IC) will get their Singapore blue Identity Card. If a PR wants to leave Singapore and return as a PR, they must hold a current Re-Entry Permit.

5. Review Your Files for the Online PR Application

You can move forward now that you have the digital papers. However, we advise you to review each one to look for any problems or missing documents. You can seek the assistance of a legible PR application agency in Singapore for more assurance. If you are a/an, you must read the explanatory remarks below and submit the necessary supporting documents specified below via the e-Service.

What Are The Documents Required For Singapore Pr?

If you are a spouse of a Singapore citizen or permanent resident or unmarried child of a Singapore citizen or permanent resident under the age of 21, the documents includes:
  • Document List and Explanatory Notes for the Spouse, with or without the child (ren)
  • Document list and explanatory notes for the child (ren) exclusively
Other documents required for Singapore PR includes:
  • Document list and explanatory notes for an elderly parent of an SC
  • Explanatory Notes and Document List for Employment Pass or S Pass Holders
  • Explanatory Notes and Document List for Singaporean Students
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Ian A. Blocker