What You Need to Declutter from Your Room

 What You Need to Declutter from Your Room

Now that the worst year in everyone’s recent memory is over, it’s time to take stock of your living situation and personal life to welcome the new year with a less cluttered mind and home. You want to shape 2021 into a year that will work for you, in contrast with 2020 that took over everyone’s lives.

Here’s what you need to declutter from your room for the new year:

Faulty, Damaged, and Impulsive Purchases

You may have fallen victim to the online shopping trend that led to multiple purchases that looked good from online stores but failed to meet your expectations in person. There’s the table you couldn’t assemble because of missing parts, or the area rug that was not in the shade or print you wanted. Sure, some of them can be repurposed and it won’t feel like a big deal, but for those that you can’t use any other way, it’s time to say goodbye. They shouldn’t take up room in your house if they don’t spark joy in your life.

Old Makeup and Skincare Products

Another popular purchase during the lockdown was makeup. Everyone’s preparing for their life to resume in 2021, and for this, why not take advantage of the discounts available when you go cosmetics online shopping? This also means you have new products to fill your vanity, so it’s time for the old, and probably expired, products to go. Gather them in a box, say goodbye to them, and take note of the shades and colors that served you well so that you can buy them again from your favorite online shop.

Clothes that are Out of Style

You did not have plenty of chances to wear your stylish clothes outside in 2020, but unfortunately, fashion continues to move forward, and in 2021, the trendy items you bought might not be in style anymore. For these items, go ahead and pack them up for donation or, if you’re looking for a new hobby to occupy your time, learn to sew and update them for the new year. This is also a good time to evaluate your fashion purchases. It’s better to buy timeless pieces that you can wear no matter the season, so that a whole year of staying inside will not render them out of style.

Impractical Shoes

Granted, shoes don’t need to be thrown away as often as clothes that don’t fit, because your shoe size does not change drastically depending on your diet. Good-quality shoes are meant to last more than one season, especially if you’re buying a classic pair. However, high-heeled shoes might not be the most practical to keep around given the new normal, which involves falling in line and waiting for hours due to social distancing rules when going out. That’s if you do go out at all. And sure, no one will stop you from wearing your high-heeled shoes indoors, but even then, they might be impractical. If you can sell them for some additional holiday money, that would be better.

Take a look around your home. Is it filled with stuff you acquired during the year, and are you happy with them? If you aren’t, go ahead and let them go.

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